Math Polygons

Images of Polygons with sides up to 1 Million

megagon – polygon with 1 Million sides
myriagon – polygon with 10,000 sides
chiliagon – polygon with 1,000
hectogon – polugon with 100 sides
enneacontagon – polygon with 90 sides
octacontagon – polygon with 80 sides
heptacontagon – polygon with 70 sides
pentacontagon – polygon with 50 sides
tetracontagon – polygon with 40 sides
triacontagon – polygon with 30 sides
icosagon – polygon with 20 sides
enneadecagon – polygon with 19 sides
octadecagon  polygon with 18 sides
heptadecagon – polygon with 17 sides
hexadecagon – polygon with 16 sides
pentadecagon – polygon with 15 sides
tetradecagon – polygon with 14 sides
tridecagon – polygon with 13 sides
dodecagon – polygon with 12 sides
hendecagon – polygon with 11 sides
decagon – polygon with 10 sides
nonagon – polygon with nine sides
octagon – polygon with 8 sides
heptagon – polygon with 7 sides
hexagon – polygon with 6 sides
pentagon – polygon with 5 sides
quadrilateral – polygon with 4 sides
triangle – polygon with 3 sides

How many polygons did you know? Can you name them?
In Geometry, polygons are closed figures with at least three sides. When I was in school back in the days (Elementary and High School), I thought polygons are up to 12 sides because I saw it on the poster posted in our math center. Later on, I learned that it has infinite number of sides and as the number of sides increases it getting closer to become a circle. Actually, it looks like a circle.

I made this images if the regular polygons using a software called Inkscape. It is free to download. I just have to enter the number of sides and I can easily draw any polygon based on the desired number of sides.

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